Duration can be declare using an int and double (double value will be converted to smaller unit and the truncate to int) value:


\\ 10 seconds duration
final tenSecondsDuration = 10.seconds; \\ or 10.s

\\ 1 minutes and 30 seconds -> 90 seconds
final aMinuteAndHalf = 90.seconds; \\ or 90.s

Short-hand table

function short-hand Unit
seconds s seconds
miliseconds ms miliseconds
microseconds us microseconds
minutes m minutes
hours h hours
days d days
months M days(30 days / month)
years y days (365 days/year)
weeks w days (7 days/ week)
circles c circle

Other functions

  • The day before: return the day before the given date
  • The day after: return the day after the given date

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