Easy Dashboard


Provides an easy way to build dashboard layout for your app , but still yet very customizable .

DeskTop Tablet Mobile

The above is an example of an app created with the package

Example Usage

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return EasyDashboard(
      controller: controller,
      navigationIcon: const Icon(Icons.menu, color: Colors.white),
      appBarActions: actions,
      centerTitle: true,
      appBarColor: Colors.teal,
      sideBarColor: Colors.grey.shade100,
      tabletView: const TabletView(
        fullAppBar: false,
        border: BorderSide(width: 0.5, color: Colors.grey),
      desktopView: const DesktopView(
        fullAppBar: true,
        border: BorderSide(width: 0.5, color: Colors.grey),
      drawer: (Size size, Widget? child) {
        return EasyDrawer(
          iconColor: Colors.teal,
          hoverColor: Colors.grey.shade300,
          tileColor: Colors.grey.shade100,
          selectedColor: Colors.black.withGreen(80),
          selectedIconColor: Colors.white,
          textColor: Colors.black.withGreen(20),
          selectedTileColor: Colors.teal.shade400.withOpacity(.8),
          tiles: tiles,
          topWidget: SideBox(
            scrollable: true,
            height: 150,
            child: topOpenWidget,
          bottomWidget: SideBox(
            scrollable: false,
            height: 50,
            child: bottomOpenWidget,
          bottomSmallWidget: SideBox(
            height: 50,
            child: bottomSmallWidget,
          topSmallWidget: SideBox(
            height: 50,
            child: topSmallWidget,
          size: size,
          onTileTapped: (body) {

The above example can be found in the /example folder


component usage
body The default body for the dashboard
duration The Duration of the animation when the EasyDashboard is opened or closed among others.
mobileBreakpoint The pixels at which the ui breaks into the mobile view
tabletBreakpoint The pixels at which the ui breaks into the tablet view
mobileView Display properties while in tablet view such as dashboard style
tabletView Display properties while in tablet view such as dashboard style
desktopView Display properties while in desktop view such as dashboard style
tabletMode What to show when the mobile break point is reached,
mobileMode What to show when the tablet break point is reached
desktopMode What to show when the desktop break point is reached
floatingActionButtonLocation Floating Action Button Location
floatingActionButton Floating Action Button
systemOverlayStyle System Overlay Style
floatingActionButtonAnimator Floating Action Button Animator
appBarHeight The height of the app bar
centerTitle Whether or not the appbar title is centered
backgroundColor General background color of the EasyDashboard
navigationIcon The icon that will control the responsive navigation of the EasyDashboard
navigationIconSplashRadius The splash radius of the navigation icon when pressed
appBarColor The color of the app bar
sideBarColor The color of the sidebar navigation
appBarActions A list of Widgets for the AppBaractions
drawer An drawer widget that will be displayed on the left side of the EasyDashboard.
You can use the pre-built EasyDrawer to create a faster easier drawer .

Issues and Feedback

This is a fairly new package
Please feel free to report any issues you face
Also PR's and additional feedback is appreciated