Maybe you want use a tabbar without any additional page so this package help you to make your tabbar. In additional some tiems you want create a selectable button list.

Getting Started

You can use it simply way as :

            buttonTitles: ['button1','button2'],
            onSelected: (index) {},

Or add adittional options for custome it:

            buttonTitles: buttons,
            onSelected: (index) {},
            animationDuration: 500,
            minWidthOfItem: 70,
            minHeightOfItem: 40,
            deActiveItemColor: Colors.grey,
            activeItemColor: Colors.redAccent,
            activeTextStyle: TextStyle(color: Colors.white, fontSize: 14),
            deActiveTextStyle: TextStyle(color: Colors.redAccent, fontSize: 14),

This package has below options:

  • List
  • void Function(int) onSelected : that return selected index
  • int selectedIndex : that is starter selected item index the defualt value is 0
  • int animationDuration : the duration of animation for changing between current selected item and last one
  • double minWidthOfItem : this is min width of items, the defualt value is 80
  • double minHeightOfItem : this is min height of items, the defualt value is 40
  • Color deActiveItemColor : color of deactivated items
  • Color activeItemColor : color of activeated items
  • TextStyle activeTextStyle : style of activated item's text
  • TextStyle deActiveTextStyle: style of de activated item's text
  • double activeBorderRadius : border radius of active item
  • double deActiveBorderRadius : border radius of de active item

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