Eanic is a cross-platform, pure Dart package to read and write ID3 tags. Its name comes from Ean, the music player it has been made for.

Please note that this package does not support tag writing yet.

Getting started

First, you have to add eanic to your Dart or Flutter project. A simple dart pub add eanic should do the trick. Then, import it:

import 'package:eanic:eanic.dart`;

The main way to use this package is to use the Id3Tagger class.

final tagger = Tagger('your/path/here.mp3');
// Tagger also provides a convenient `fromBytes` constructor.

Tag tag = tagger.readTagSync()!; // null is returned if the extraction fails.
print('${tag.title!}' // In the same way, all the fields of Tag are nullable.
  ' by ${tag.artist!}');

Map<String, dynamic> map = tag.toMap(); // Easy interoperability with JSON.


The standards and docs used :