Dyte Flutter SDK Complete documentation at https://docs.dyte.io/flutter/


Install the Flutter package from pub

flutter pub add dyte_client


:::info Before Getting Started

Before you start integrating Dyte into your application, make sure you've read the Getting Started with Dyte topic and completed the steps in the Integrate Dyte section.


Get the roomName for the meeting and the participant's authToken from our backend APIs (read more about our server APIs here), and pass them to Dyte's DyteMeeting widget.

  1. Import the package.
import 'package:dyte_client/dyte.dart';
import 'package:dyte_client/dyteMeeting.dart';
  1. Pass relevant information to DyteMeeting widget.
    width: <width>,
    height: <height>,
    child: DyteMeeting(
        roomName: "<roomName>",
        authToken: "<authToken>",
        onInit: (DyteMeetingHandler meeting) async {
          // your handler