Dynamsoft Capture Vision Flutter Edition

Dynamsoft Capture Vision (DCV) is an aggregating SDK of a series of specific functional products including:

  • Dynamsoft Camera Enhancer (DCE) which provides camera enhancements and UI configuration APIs.
  • Dynamsoft Barcode Reader (DBR) which provides barcode decoding algorithm and APIs.
  • Dynamsoft Label Recognizer (DLR) which provides label content recognizing algorithm and APIs.
  • Dynamsoft Document Normalizer (DDN) which provides document scanning algorithms and APIs.

Note: DCV Flutter edition currently only includes DCE and DBR modules. DLR and DDN modules are still under development and will be included in the future.

Getting Started

In this guide, you will learn step by step how to integrate the barcode reading capabilities of Dynamsoft Capture Vision Flutter SDK into your App.


You can view all the DCV Flutter samples via the following links:

API References

View the API reference of DCV Flutter Edition to explore the full feature of DCV:


  • You can also request an extension for your trial license in the customer portal