Flutter package that automatically chooses the correct src for Android and IOS platforms. The goal of this package is to provide src that use one set of parameters to build different src since Android and IOS src do not maintain consistency between each other. Another goal is to eliminate duplicate code and simplify platform identification while maintaining platform design consistency.

This is a starter README.md file. More will be added in future updates.


Supported Widgets (Android Support/IOS Support):

  • DynamicApp (MaterialApp/CupertinoApp)
  • DynamicAppBar (AppBar/CupertinoNavigationBar)
  • DynamicButton (ElevatedButton/CupertinoButton)
  • DynamicCircularProgressIndicator (CircularProgressIndicator/CupertinoActivityIndicator)
  • DynamicForm (Form/CupertinoFormSection)
  • DynamicFormField (TextFormField/CupertinoTextFormFieldRow)
  • DynamicScaffold (Scaffold/CupertinoPageScaffold)
  • DynamicSingleChildScrollView (Scrollbar>SingleChildScrollView/CupertinoScrollbar>SingleChildScrollView)

Will add links to each widget on future updates

Getting started

Import the package and call any widget


    title: "App Title",
    materialThemeData: {themeData},
    initialRoute: "/home",

Will add longer examples to /example folder in future updates

Additional information

The Github repo can be found at https://github.com/kelsi-andrews-development/dynamic-mobile-src I'm not entirely sure the best practices for this step, will look into rather soon. Feel free to send an email to kelsi.andrews.development@gmail.com with issues, comments, and/or suggestions. More information will be added relatively soon, but feel free to send an email in the meantime.