Dynamic List Item

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A dynamic list item for who wants default platform styling within Flutter apps.

Getting Started

Simply start using the DynamicListItem widget in your lists. This can be done in a ListView but also Column.

The DynamicListItem widget has the following (optional) parameter:

  • Required title: Used for the primary label in the list item.
  • trailing: Trailing content within the list item. For example, an icon or a switch widget.
  • callback: Function which is called if the list item is pressed. Can also be read as an onTap.
  • position: Specified position within the given list (overall). This applies the right styling according to the platforms default (currently only iOS 15).


Simple implementation

  children: <Widget>[
    DynamicListItem(title: "Title"),

Implementation with trailing and positional styling

Note: The positional styling is only applied on iOS as the time of writing.

  padding: const EdgeInsets.all(8),
  children: <Widget>[
      title: "Item 1", 
      position: ListItemPostition.Top,
      title: "Item 2", 
      trailing: Icon(CupertinoIcons.paperplane_fill),
      position: ListItemPostition.Middle,
      title: "Item 3",
      trailing: Icon(CupertinoIcons.arrow_right),
      position: ListItemPostition.Bottom,