This is a Carousel silder which aceepts any widgets as its children by providem them to the package as a simple list of type SliderContentModel.


Suppose you need to build a slider with one of its child as a text and another one as an image... On such occation this is a package you can relay on and we can implaement is by defining a list of items of type SliderContentModel where on each list item you can individually pass the widgets that you wish to render along with their id of your choice.

Getting started

----------LIST OF WIDGETS TO PASS----------

static List<\SliderContentModel> widgetList = SliderContentModel(child: Text("This is my text widget"), id: "1"), SliderContentModel(child: Image.asset(banner1), id: "2"), ;



----------CarouselWidgetSlider Implimentation----------

CarouselWidgetSlider( sliderChildren: widgetList, onTap: (id) => print(id), ),

Additional information

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