Dart lib for duniter cryptography and APIs


Here is the common library which will facilitate your creation of Ğ1 libre currency client in Dart/Flutter, or any other cryptocurrency generated by Duniter.

For the moment, it only contains the methods essential for the operation of the Ğecko client. Other methods will emerge there depending on the needs of Ğecko or any other client based on this library.

Actual content


  • Generated BIP39 mnemonic in english, french, spanish or italian
  • Create HD wallets based on BIP32 ED25519 cryptography
  • Create Cesium type wallets with salt + password, based on scrypt and ED25519 cryptography
  • Generate DEWIF encrypted wallet, using scrypt and XOR cypher as describe in RFC 13. Ready to store on filesystem.
  • Decrypt DEWIF wallets with the given correct secret code
  • Sign and verify signature for both HD wallets and Cesium wallets


  • Get account balance
  • Get account username
  • Pay with HD wallets
  • Pay with Cesium wallets


  • TODO