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This package allows you to crawl DSB's "Mobile API".

If you want a higher-level API and need to parse Untis, too, consider using dsbuntis.


Sessions are created in two ways: Logging in or using an existing token.

To log in, you call Session.login:

final session = await Session.login('187801', 'public');

To use an existing token, the Session constructor allows for passing them:

final session = Session('13ccccbb-e6a8-466a-addc-00bba830c6cf');

Then you can, for example, get the timetable information:

final timetables = await session.getTimetables();

Caching and best practices

A very important feature in dsbuntis from the beginning has been good caching. For documentation on how to set it up for the actual requests, please refer to the schttp documentation, as it is our HTTP backend. However, you can aditionally cache the Session objects. AFAIK the login of DSBMobile is idempotent (as indicated by it being a GET request) and always returns the same token. If it is, which you can safely assume by now, you can cache the Session's token forever. Otherwise you can still keep the Session object around for a while.