Drift Hrana Version

This package wraps package:hrana to access remote libsql or Turso databases from drift, a database library for Dart and Flutter applications.

To use this package, you need to run an sqld server somewhere, e.g. with

docker run -p 8080:8080 -ti -e SQLD_NODE=primary ghcr.io/tursodatabase/libsql-server:latest

Then, the HranaDatabase class from package:drift_hrana/drift_hrana.dart can be used to connect your database to such a server:

import 'package:drift/drift.dart';
import 'package:drift_hrana/drift_hrana.dart';

class AppDatabase extends _$AppDatabase {

  int get schemaVersion => 1;

void main() async {
  final database = AppDatabase(HranaDatabase(
    jwtToken: null,


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