Helps you to automatically authenticate and store tokens and refresh them, also make api requests using them.

This project is under development. View the GitHub code and contribute 👉


  • ✅ Automatically store tokens using Flutter Secure Storage
  • ✅ Automatically refresh tokens
  • ✅ Supports Oauth2 by Django Oauth Toolkit
  • ✅ Easy REST API call with auth credentials
  • ✅ More coming soon ...

Getting started

To start using package, add it to your dependencies by running this:

flutter pub add drf_client

or add this line into your pubspec.yaml under dependencies:

    sdk: flutter
  # your other dependencies ...
  drf_client: <latest_version>

Then import the package in desired files:

import 'package:drf_client/drf_client.dart'; 

Enjoy coding!


Firstly, initialize the config:

  void main() {
  // existing code
    DrfClient client = DrfClient();
    client.addConfig('your-app', DrfConfig(
      authType: AuthType.drfBuiltInAuth,
      baseUrl: '',
      tokenUrl: '',
      refreshTokenUrl: '',

      usernameField: 'username', // default username, change this if you are using custom user model in django
      passwordField: 'password', // def password, change this if you changed password field in you user model
      refreshField: 'refresh_token', // change this to comply with your token refresh logic if JWT used

      // Set this if u are using Authorization Code over Django-oauth-toolkit
      // oauthConfig: OauthConfig(
      // clientId: "",
      // clientSecret: "",
      // authorizationEndpointUrl: "",
      // redirectScheme: 'you-app-shceme'
      // )

You can also set multiple config so that you can make request and authenticate multiple django servers at the same code by giving specific app name in config.

Authenticating users

via drfBuiltInAuth:

DrfClient client = DrfClient();


making requests

DrfClient client = DrfClient();

client.get() // post() put() patch() delete()

It will use stored user token in requests if logged in. You can remove Token from auth header by includeToken: false