This package contains a helper class to create a bottom sheet, which persists on the screen & can be dragged from there to cover the full screen.

Draggable Bottom Sheet gif


    minExtent: 150,
    useSafeArea: false,
    curve: Curves.easeIn,
    previewWidget: _previewWidget(),
    expandedWidget: _expandedWidget(),
    backgroundWidget: _backgroundWidget(),
    duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 10),
    maxExtent: MediaQuery.of(context).size.height * 0.8,
    onDragging: (pos) {},


Argument Value Description
alignment Alignment Alignment of the sheet
backgroundWidget Widget Widget above which draggable sheet will be placed.
barrierColor Color Color of the modal barrier. Default Colors.black54
barrierDismissible bool Collapse bottom sheet on tap. If false, sheet will act as persistent sheet. Default true.
collapsed bool Whether the sheet is collapsed initially. Default true.
curve Curve Sheet expansion animation curve. Default Curves.linear
duration Duration Duration for sheet expansion animation. Default Duration(milliseconds: 0)
expandedWidget Widget Widget to show on expended sheet
expansionExtent double Increment on minExtent to change from previewWidget to expandedWidget
maxExtent double Maximum extent for sheet expansion
minExtent double Minimum extent for the sheet
onDragging Function Callback function when sheet is being dragged
previewWidget Widget Widget to show on collapsed sheet
useSafeArea bool Should dialog only display in 'safe' areas of the screen. Default true


Misir Jafarov Jeroen Wolff