Cross-Platform file downloader for Dart and Flutter projects.

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Supports these platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Web
  • Windows

There are a few caveats about this package:

  • On the web it caches the contents in a Blob and eventually saves the file in browser's default location.
  • On desktop it saves the file in absolute or relative path.
  • On mobile it saves the file in absolute or relative path, but we should ask/ensure if the app has the required permissions.
  • On the web, not supported in IE or Edge (prior version 18), or in Safari (prior version 10.1).

Getting started

In your pubspec.yaml file add:

  download: any

Then, in your code import:

import 'package:download/download.dart';


final stream = Stream.fromIterable('Hello World!'.codeUnits);
download(stream, 'hello.txt');

Please refer to /example folder for a working example.

Additional information

Please feel free to contribute to the project or file an issue.