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A dORM's database engine implementation using the firebase_database package.

Getting started

Run the following commands in your command prompt:

dart pub add dorm_firebase_database

Using dorm_annotations and dorm_generator, generate your dORM code:

dart run build_runner build

This will create a Dorm class, which you can use to connect to this package.


Before accessing any Firebase classes, initialize your app:

void main() async {
  await Firebase.initializeApp();

  // Alternatively, if you're working with non-default apps
  await Firebase.initializeApp(name: 'app-1');

  // You can also pass the `options` parameter with the options generated by FlutterFire
  await Firebase.initializeApp(options: DefaultFirebaseOptions.currentPlatform);

Create a FirebaseInstance, a class that manages your current Firebase app:

void main() {
  const FirebaseInstance instance = FirebaseInstance();

  // Alternatively, if you're working with non-default apps
  final FirebaseInstance instance = FirebaseInstance.custom('app-1'));

  // You can also to control the offline management, through `offlineMode`
  const FirebaseInstance instance = FirebaseInstance(offlineMode: OfflineMode.include);

With this instance, create a Reference:

void main() {
  final Reference reference = Reference(instance);

// Alternatively, if you want to create your database under 'production/'
  final Reference reference = Reference(instance, 'production');

Finally, pass the reference created above to your generated Dorm class:

void main() {
  final Dorm dorm = Dorm(reference);