Domain Verification Manager

pub package

This plugin exposes some of the methods to check the Android App Links verification state, by using the DomainVerificationManager API.

:warning: This only works with Android 12 (S - API Level 31) and up. Older versions will throw an error with WRONG_SDK_VERSION, while other platforms will return UnsupportedError.

You can use await DomainVerificationManager.isSupported to check if the current Platform and API version is supported.

You are able to:

  • Get the domains that have passed Android App Links verification (domainStageVerified)
  • Get domains that haven't passed Android App Links verification, but the user manually associated the app (domainStageSelected)
  • All other domains (domainStageNone)
  • Open the app settings where the user can manually grant permission (domainRequest)

await DomainVerificationManager.domainStageVerified returns a List<String>?.
await DomainVerificationManager.domainStageSelected returns a List<String>?.
await DomainVerificationManager.domainStageNone returns a List<String>?.
await DomainVerificationManager.domainRequest opens the app settings page.