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Do you need to create documentation that contains all information about your widgets? Don't worry, doc_widget will make this easier for you.

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What this solve?

As we don’t have a reflection in Flutter, we cannot access informations about properties of a Widget, like a type and name of a properties for example. Besides that, we don't need to create another application that will show your widgets, doc_widget makes this easier.

Quick Start

  • Install the dependencies.
    • dependencies: doc_widget
    • dev_dependencies: doc_widget_builder, build_runner
  • Annotate widgets with @docWidget.
class Button extends StatelessWidget
  • Run build_runner to generate code. This will generate the documentation code.
flutter pub run build_runner build
  • Create a lib/doc_widget.dart file to use the documentation code. Use DocPreview application in lib/doc_widget.dart and run this as a target file. flutter run -t lib/doc_widget.dart

For more details, see Example and see How to use for a complete guide.

How to use


To use doc_widget you need to install doc_widget, doc_widget_builder and typical build_runner/code-generator setup.

# pubspec.yaml
  doc_widget: doc_widget_version

  doc_widget_builder: doc_widget_version
  build_runner: build_runner_version
  • doc_widget_version: Pub

  • build_runner_version: Pub

  • doc_widget is a package that contains annotations and the application preview for your widgets.

  • doc_widget_builder, the code generator to generate the documentation.

  • build_runner, the tool to run code-generators.

How to generate

You will need to annotate your Widget with docWidget annotation and after generate the code with all information about your widget.

import 'package:flutter/cupertino.dart';
import 'package:doc_widget/doc_widget.dart';

class Button extends StatelessWidget {
    this.text, {
    required this.onPressed,
    this.color = const Color(0xff007aff),

  final String text;
  final void Function() onPressed;
  final Color color;

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return CupertinoButton(
      color: color,
      onPressed: onPressed,
      child: Text(text),

After this, you need run the runner_build using this command bellow:

flutter pub run build_runner build



The code generator will contain all information about your parameters.

NameName of the parameter if is named
TypeType of the parameter (null-safety)
RequiredWhether your parameter is required or not
Default valueIf has default value, this will show


You can describe how to use your widget with Snippet. You need to use a Documentation Comment /// and wrap your snippet inside dart special formatter.

Below has an example of how to document your widget.

import 'package:doc_widget/doc_widget.dart';

/// ```dart
/// final button = Button(
///  'Button',
///  onPressed: () => print('Doc Widget'),
/// );
/// ```
class Button extends StatelessWidget {
  // ...

Generated file

Don't worry about generated code, all this information will be used and rendered by doc_widget. All generated files contains a prefix *.doc_widget.dart. The generated class contains a suffix DocWidget to help you to differentiate of the widget.

The only information that you need to know is the class name, in this case, is ButtonDocWidget.

// button.doc_widget.dart

class ButtonDocWidget implements Documentation {
  // ...

Doc Preview

You have many ways that create an application that will read and rendering the documentation. I will list two ways:

  • Running your own project with a different target.
  • Creating another application inside our project/package. Example: documentation

This is a flutter application that the main responsibility is to read all information generated and show your documentation. This job is manual and you need to insert all generated files in *.doc_widget.dart.

We use the first approach here and create a file lib/doc_widget.dart like the example below.

// lib/doc_widget.dart

void main() {

  final button = ElementPreview(
    document: ButtonDocWidget(), // From generated file
    previews: [
      WidgetPreview( // This will show your widget and a description about.
        widget: Button(
          onPressed: () => print('Hello'),
        description: 'Default button.',

  runApp(DocPreview(section: [ElementsSection(
    title: 'Example',
    elements: [button],
  )])); // Application that will show all elements.

How to run

After creating a file that contains your doc files lib/doc_widget.dart, you need to run the application with lib/doc_widget.dart as a target.

If you prefer, you can run the doc_widget and host it with flutter web or desktop.

flutter run -d chrome -t lib/doc_widget.dart
flutter run -d macos -t lib/doc_widget.dart

VSCode launch

You use VSCode? You can insert .vscode/launch.json to automate the run job.

  "version": "0.2.0",
  "configurations": [
      "name": "doc_widget - Mobile",
      "request": "launch",
      "type": "dart",
      "program": "lib/doc_widget.dart"
      "name": "doc_widget - Web",
      "request": "launch",
      "type": "dart",
      "program": "lib/doc_widget.dart",
      "args": ["-d", "chrome"]
      "name": "main app",
      "request": "launch",
      "type": "dart",
      "program": "lib/main.dart"

Exclude files from Analyzer

In the case of the need to removed generated files from the analyzer, see below how to exclude them.

    - "**/*.doc_widget.dart"