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Dart implementation of Djed Stablecoin

Djed-Dart is the dart implementation of the official Scala based Djed Stablecoin Prototype (djed-stableccoin-prototype)


It contains almost all the original code's unittest and games. In addition, it has a historical ADA price based game featuring Extended Djed.

Getting started

You need to have the Dart SDK and the git command installed on your local machine.

Install and configure dart SDK

Follow the instructions at the Official Dart's page or you can install it in a Linux/macOS shell compatible terminal, see details below:

$ cd 

$ mkdir -p development && pushd  development

$ curl -so- | tar -xzvf -
# x dart-sdk/
# x  dart-sdk/bin/
# ...

$ echo "export PATH=\"\$PATH:$PWD/dart-sdk\"" >> ~/.profile && . ~/.profile

# The command below should return successfully.
$ dart --version
Dart SDK version: 2.17.3 (stable) (Wed Jun 1 11:06:41 2022 +0200) on "macos_x64"
$ popd


Currently, there are three very simple simulations are in the example directory:

  1. simple_extended_game.dart
  2. simple_minimal_game.dart
  3. historical_game.dart

Simple minimal game

Thsi simple came just buys and sells the 5% of the available stablecoins for the 99% percent of the targetPrice.

Simple extended game

Almost the same as above. The only difference is that it uses Extended Djed instead.

Historical extended game


Simulate a game

To run a predefined game simulation type the following into a terminal:

$ git clone
$ cd djed-dart && dart pub get
# Run a game simulation
$ dart example/historical_extended_game.dart




MIT License