A Flutter package (part of the Dive toolkit) containing widgets for building Flutter apps for video recording and streaming.

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Dive is a Flutter toolkit for video recording and streaming. The dive_ui package is part of the Dive toolkit and is a complete set of widgets to build the next generation of Flutter media apps. This package relies heavily on the dive package but remains platform indepenent. There are many widgets in this package and plenty of examples.


This version of Dive is in beta and is not intended for production use. This beta gives you early access before the official release is available. If you run into any issues with Dive, please create a Dive GitHub issue here.

Getting Started (macOS only)

As of now, Dive only supports macOS Flutter desktop apps and Dart command line apps. You should probably read more about Desktop support for Flutter if you are not familiar with those.

Example code is the best way to explore and learn Dive. There are many small example apps included in the dive_ui package. You should run those examples first to get familiar with the widgets and classes that are part of Dive.

  1. To download the examples, follow this GitHub link, click the green Code button, click Download ZIP.
  2. Once the repo has been downloaded, open/uncompress the zip file. It should create the folder dive-main.
  3. Open the path dive-main/packages/dive_ui/example in an IDE such as Visual Studio Code or Android Studio.
  4. Navigate to packages > dive_ui > example > lib.
  5. There you will see many example files.
  6. Right click on main_example1.dart and run it.
  7. If the macOS app does not build properly, you may have to make some path changes to get it working.
  8. The app should run and appear like this:


  1. Click the camera icon in the top right corner of the app window.
  2. Select a video file from your local drive, such as an MP4 file, and click Open.
  3. The video file should start playing immediately.
  4. You should be able to see the player controls at the bottom of the screen. If you don't, just resize the window until they appear. The player controls will not be displayed until a video file is opened.


  1. Now that you have successfully run the first dive_ui example, you can run the other examples located in the same folder as dive_ui/example/lib/main_example1.dart.

If you run into any issues with these steps, please create a Dive GitHub issue here.

Video Widgets

  • DiveSourceCard - stack, gear menu, child
  • DiveMediaPreview - stack, text, buttons
  • DiveMeterPreview - A DivePreview with a DiveAudioMeter overlay using a DiveAudioMeterSource.
  • DivePreview - A widget showing a preview of a video/image frame using a Texture widget.
  • DiveGrid - GridView

Audio Widgets

  • DiveAudioMeter: A widget to display a multi-channel audio meter.
  • DiveAudioMeterSource: A class for the volume meter data and processing.

Other Widgets

  • DivePositionDialog - A dialog to update the position of a scene item.
  • DivePositionEdit - Update the position of a scene item.
  • DiveMoveItemEdit - Update the z-priority of a scene item.
  • DiveSideSheet - Show a Material side sheet.
  • DiveStreamSettingsButton - An icon button that presents the stream settings dialog.
  • DiveStreamSettingsDialog - A dialog to update the video output settings.
  • DiveTopicCard - A material design widget that creates a Card widget that contains content and actions about a single subject.
  • DiveIconSet - The default icons for dive_ui widgets. Override these methods to provide custom icons.
  • DiveUI - Contains the key setup method.
  • DiveMediaPlayButton - Play media button.
  • DiveMediaStopButton - Stop media button.
  • DiveMediaDuration - Media duration text.
  • DiveMediaButtonBar - A button bar containing DiveMediaDuration, DiveMediaPlayButton, and DiveMediaStopButton.
  • DiveOutputButton - Streaming output button.
  • DiveStreamPlayButton - Streaming play button.
  • DiveAspectRatio - A widget that will size the child to a specific aspect ratio.
  • DiveGrid - A grid of widgets that maaintains the aspect ratio.
  • DiveSourceMenu -
  • DiveSubMenu - A popup menu.
  • DiveImagePickerButton - An icon button that presents the image file picker dialog.
  • DiveVideoPickerButton - An icon button that presents the video file picker dialog.
  • DiveCameraList - A widget that displays a vertical list of the video cameras.
  • DiveAudioList - A widget that displays a vertical list of the audio sources.
  • DiveSettingsButton - An icon button that presents the settings dialog.
  • DiveVideoSettingsDialog - A dialog to update the video output settings.


If you run into any issues with Dive, please create a Dive GitHub issue here.