Introducing Dive! A new Flutter toolkit for video recording and streaming. A complete set of packages to build the next generation of Flutter media apps.

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Dive is a video recording and streaming toolkit built on top of Dart and Flutter with native extensions on macOS. It is a group of Flutter packages for building media apps. In the future, support for multiple platforms will be added.

divepub packageA Flutter package that provides video capabilities.
dive_uipub packageA Flutter package for Dive containing Widgets for building Flutter apps for video recording and streaming.
dive_obslibpub packageA Flutter plugin package for Dive that provides low level access to obslib using FFI.



The dive package is a Flutter package that provides basic services for video playback, camera devices, audio, and streaming. This package relies heavily on the dive_obslib package but remains platform indepenent.


The dive_ui package is a Flutter package containing Widgets to build video based Flutter apps. This package relies heavily on the dive package but remains platform indepenent.

This package contains many examples on using dive_ui widgets and dive classes. The examples use the macos platform folder that contains a Podfile that references the obslib CocoaPods library.


The dive_obslib package is a Flutter plugin that provides low level access to obslib. This package contains platform-specific implementations with native extensions for macOS, and other platforms in the future.

dive_obslib is powered by obslib, a CocoaPods library built from the core of OBS Studio. It utilizes all of the underlying features of OBS Studio excluding the UI code. It includes inputs, sources, outputs, encoders, services, and more.

dive_obslib contains the DiveObsLibPlugin and the dive_obslib CocoaPods library. The dive_obslib pod has a dependency on the obslib CocoaPods library.


obslib CocoaPods library

The obslib CocoaPods library is a wrapper around the obslib Framework that can be consumed by the DiveApp macOS platform Podfile.

obslib Framework

The obslib framework (obslib-framework) is the core of OBS Studio, and is the non-UI code and resources compiled into a reusable framework. The framework is built by an Xcode project.

The framework folder contains an example macOS application that consumes the obslib framework without using CocoaPods and is used to test the framework.

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