A flutter widget that provides margin and padding utilities.
Inspired by ChakraUI styled props

Available arguments:

  • child => Type: Widget REQUIRED
  • mx, my, px, py => Horizontal(X) and Vertical(Y) padding and margin => Type: double
  • ml, mt, mr, mb, pl, pt, pr, pb => Left, Top, Right, Bottom Margin and Padding => Type: double
  • m, p => Overall Margin and Padding (All 4 sides)

Individual values takes higher precedence over axis value.
Axis values take higher precedence over overall value.


  m: 45.0,
  mr: 80.0,
  mx: 1.0,
  child: DivBox(
    px: 12.0,
    py: 24.0,
    pt: 75.0,
    child: Text(
      style: TextStyle(
        fontSize: 24.0,

See example