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This package contains adapters for Dio which enables you to use the library on the Web platform.

Versions compatibility

Version Dart (min) Flutter (min)
1.x 2.18.0 3.3.0
2.x 3.3.0 3.19.0

Note: the resolvable version will be determined by the SDK you are using. Run dart pub upgrade or flutter pub upgrade to get the latest resolvable version.

Get started

The package is embedded into the package:dio. You don't need to explicitly install the package unless you have other concerns.


Add the dio_web_adapter package to your pubspec dependencies.


import 'package:dio/dio.dart';
// The import is not required and could produce lints.
// import 'package:dio_web_adapter/dio_web_adapter.dart';

void main() async {
  final dio = Dio();
  dio.httpClientAdapter = BrowserHttpClientAdapter(withCredentials: true);

  // Make a request.
  final response = await dio.get('https://dart.dev');