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Dio Requests Inspector Package

"Dio Request Inspector" is a handy open-source tool for monitoring and analyzing HTTP requests in Flutter using the Dio package. It provides real-time monitoring, detailed request information, and filtering capabilities, making it easy to track and troubleshoot server interactions in your Flutter projects.


✔️ Real-time monitoring of HTTP requests in your Flutter application.

✔️ Detailed information about each request, including URL, request method, headers, and payload data.

✔️ Filter and search functionality to quickly find relevant requests based on criteria such as URL, method, or status code.

✔️ Easy integration with Flutter projects using the Dio package.

✔️ Intuitive and user-friendly UI for seamless request exploration and analysis.

Get started

Add dependency

You can use the command to add dio_request_inspector as a dependency with the latest stable version:

$ dart pub add dio_request_inspector

Or you can manually add dio_request_inspector into the dependencies section in your pubspec.yaml:

  dio_request_inspector: ^replace-with-latest-version

The latest version is: pub package

Super simple to use

  1. Create DioRequestInspector instance
DioRequestInspector dioRequestInspector = DioRequestInspector(isDebugMode: true);
  1. Add DioRequestInterceptor to your Dio instance
  1. Wrap your MaterialApp with DioRequestInspectorMain
DioRequestInspectorMain(inspector: dioRequestInspector, child: MyApp())
  1. add NavigatorKey to your MaterialApp for direct to Inspector UI
navigatorKey: dioRequestInspector.navigatorKey,


If you would like to contribute to this project, please feel free to submit a pull request.