A cookie manager combines cookie_jar and dio, based on the interceptor algorithm.

Getting Started


Add the dio_cookie_manager package to your pubspec dependencies.


import 'package:cookie_jar/cookie_jar.dart';
import 'package:dio/dio.dart';
import 'package:dio_cookie_manager/dio_cookie_manager.dart';

void main() async {
  final dio = Dio();
  final cookieJar = CookieJar();
  // First request, and save cookies (CookieManager do it).
  await dio.get("https://dart.dev");
  // Print cookies
  print(await cookieJar.loadForRequest(Uri.parse("https://dart.dev")));
  // Second request with the cookies
  await dio.get('https://dart.dev');

CookieManager Interceptor can help us manage the request/response cookies automatically. CookieManager depends on the cookie_jar package:

The dio_cookie_manager manage API is based on the withdrawn cookie_jar.

You can create a CookieJar or PersistCookieJar to manage cookies automatically, and dio use the CookieJar by default, which saves the cookies in RAM. If you want to persists cookies, you can use the PersistCookieJar class, for example:


PersistCookieJar persists the cookies in files, so if the application exit, the cookies always exist unless call delete explicitly.

Note: In flutter, the path passed to PersistCookieJar must be valid (exists in phones and with write access). Use path_provider package to get the right path.

In flutter:

Future<void> prepareJar() async {
  final Directory appDocDir = await getApplicationDocumentsDirectory();
  final String appDocPath = appDocDir.path;
  final jar = PersistCookieJar(
    ignoreExpires: true,
    storage: FileStorage(appDocPath + "/.cookies/"),

Handling Cookies with redirect requests

Redirect requests require extra configuration to parse cookies correctly. In shortly:

  • Set followRedirects to false.
  • Allow statusCode from 300 to 399 responses predicated as succeed.
  • Make further requests using the HttpHeaders.locationHeader.

For example:

final cookieJar = CookieJar();
final dio = Dio()
  ..options.followRedirects = false
  ..options.validateStatus =
      (status) => status != null && status >= 200 && status < 400;
final redirected = await dio.get('/redirection');
final response = await dio.get(