Extremely simple, fast and clear Dependency Injection (DI) and Inversion of Control (IOC) container.


  • Helping resolving dependencies initialisation order easily
  • Pure Dart library, no Flutter dependency
  • Dependency Injection by explicit Type or by Interface
  • "Lazy" instantiating
  • Singletons and Multiple dependencies (see getAll for details)
  • Resolution context with current dependency tree for automatic loggers definition and similar tasks
  • Nested containers
  • Easy debug: clear errors messages about missing dependencies with exact dependency tree description

Getting started

Simply add as a dependency in pubspec.yaml


Please follow to /example folder for simple console application template example.

  final di = DI();
      ..bind(to: (c) => createLogger(c.plan[c.plan.length - 2]), dynamic: true)
      ..bind(to: (c) => AppConfig)
      ..bind(to: (c) => AppController(appConfig: c.get(), logger: c.get()));