The style guide covers a lot of material, so the following page provides an overview of its most important points. For more information about topics on the page, follow the links.

Tone and content

Be conversational and friendly without being frivolous. Don't pre-announce anything in documentation. Use descriptive link text. Write accessibly. Write for a global audience. Language and grammar

Use second person: "you" rather than "we." Use active voice: make clear who's performing the action. Use standard American spelling and punctuation. Put conditional clauses before instructions, not after. For usage and spelling of specific words, see the word list. Formatting, punctuation, and organization

Use sentence case for document titles and section headings. Use numbered lists for sequences. Use bulleted lists for most other lists. Use description lists for pairs of related pieces of data. Use serial commas. Put code-related text in code font. Put UI elements in bold. Use unambiguous date formatting.