Pub Package

The CORS middleware for Dia.


Add to pubspec.yaml in dependencies section this:

    dia_cors: ^0.1.2

Then run pub get


A simple usage example:


Optional named params:

  • origin - Access-Control-Allow-Origin header. Default: '*'
  • maxAge - Access-Control-Max-Age header
  • credentials - Access-Control-Allow-Credentials header
  • expose - Access-Control-Expose-Headers header

Use with:

  • dia - A simple dart http server in Koa2 style.
  • dia_router - Middleware like as koa_router.
  • dia_body - Package with the middleware for parse request body.
  • dia_static - Package to serving static files.

Features and bugs:

I will be glad for any help and feedback! Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


Middleware for Dia that set CORS headers