copyPath function

Future<void> copyPath(
  1. String from,
  2. String to

Copies all of the files in the from directory to to.

This is similar to cp -R <from> <to>:

  • Symlinks are supported.
  • Existing files are over-written, if any.
  • If to is within from, throws ArgumentError (an infinite operation).
  • If from and to are canonically the same, no operation occurs.

Returns a future that completes when complete.


Future<void> copyPath(String from, String to) async {
  if (path.canonicalize(from) == path.canonicalize(to)) {
  if (path.isWithin(from, to)) {
    throw ArgumentError('Cannot copy from $from to $to');

  await Directory(to).create(recursive: true);
  await for (final file in Directory(from).list(recursive: true)) {
    final copyTo = path.join(to, path.relative(file.path, from: from));
    if (file is Directory) {
      await Directory(copyTo).create(recursive: true);
    } else if (file is File) {
      await File(file.path).copy(copyTo);
    } else if (file is Link) {
      await Link(copyTo).create(await, recursive: true);