Checking on device security level like Rooted Device || JailBroken, simulator || Emulator and Developer option on or not (only Android)

Getting Started

--********** By using using this package you can get the following details **********--

--> To overall checking of the device is trusted device or not by calling "trustedDeviceChecking()" method. In this this method result is getting from the following checking the device is RealDevice or not and is Rooted Device or not and is developer option is on or not (only for Android)

--> To check Rooted Device or Security Device by calling the "rootedDeviceChecking()" method

--> To check Emulator or Not by calling the "emulatorChecking()"method

--> To check Developer option is on or not by calling the "developerModeChecking()" method but this method is only applicable for Android.