Device Preview : Screenshot

Plugin for Device Preview that adds a menu to take a screenshot of the current preview.


Declare it as any other dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

  device_preview_screenshot: <latest version>

Then, add a DevicePreviewScreenshot to your DevicePreview's tools property.

import 'package:device_preview_screenshot/device_preview_screenshot.dart';

    // ...
    tools: [
        const DevicePreviewScreenshot(),


Click on the dedicated button from the toolbar to create a capture of your preview.

Screenshot storage

You can customize the way your screenshots are saved by updating the onScreenshot property of the plugin.

By default, the screenshots are displayed as base64 image data in the console (and saved in your Clipboard).

You can also choose to save the screenshot in the local storage of your device by using screenshotAsFiles(Directory directory) , or to implement a custom ScreenshotProcessor.