A flutter framework for storage, navigator, validate manager, we made flutter easy and fast.

Table of content

About Devi

Devi is a fast and light framework for flutter to make work easy, its make management fast. Devi has very easy code and clean code to understand for beginner and all. Its allow to management for route, disk storage, alerts and validation.

Object creating

Before using user have to intilize object for class DEVI.

Devi devi = new Devi();

When want to use disk storage.

Devi box1 = new Devi('box1');
Devi box2 = new Devi('box2');

Route Management

If you want to navigate to another screen, so here we use the route management to jump to another screen.


It will create route to screen MyApp. For going back from current screen to previous screen, here we use back() method


It will route to you previous screen.

Disk Storage

Disk storage is use to create disk variable as cache in your application. which is permanently created in system till formating device. Its very light to use and based on JSON.

Write a storage

To write or creating new storage variable here we use method put()

Devi devi = new Devi('box1'); //box1 is parent storage name


It will write Rohit as key name in box1, and store to the disk.

Read a storage

For reading a existing disk storage we use get() method


It will return value of key name.

Checking a storage

For checking is variable is available or not in disk.

devi.isHas('name'); //will return true or false

Another example

if(devi.isHas('name') == true){
  print('Yes, key is found');
} else {
  print('No, key not found');

Remove a storage

For clear specific key from storage we use remove() method


It will remove name key from storage.

Get all storage as JSON

For getting all stored value from box, here we use getJson() method

Devi devi = new Devi('box1');


will return


Clear all varibale

For clearing all disk variable here we use clean method.


Snackbar and Alert

Snackbar and alert is use to create a pop information in application.

SnackBar or Toast

for creating snackbar on application here we have method toast()

  title: "Hello, I am SnackBar",
  buttonLabel: "Ok", 
  onPressed: () {
    print("SnackBar Clicked!");

for applying theme on snackbar we use theme properties

 theme: Colors.red, //background color
 buttonTheme: Colors.white, //button color
 title: "Hello, I am SnackBar",
 buttonLabel: "Ok",
   onPressed: () {
     print("SnackBar Clicked!"); 

Dialogbox or Alert

To show pop up dialogbox here we use alert() method

title: "Heading",
description: "This is Alert Box",
actions: [
  TextButton(onPressed: () => Navigator.of(context).pop(), child: Text("Ok"))

Copy to clipboard

When you want to copy and text in clipboard here we use copy() method

String text = "Hello, I am devi!";
devi.paste(); // will return copied txt

It will copy text to your system clipboard.


There is some string validator to validate email, strong password etc.

String email = "abc@gmail.com";
if(devi.isEmail(email) == true){
  print("Email is valid");
} else {
  print("Email is not valid");

String password = "Qwerty@123";
if(devi.isPassword(password) == true){
  print("Password is strong");
} else {
  print("Password is weak");

String website = "http://google.com";
if(devi.isUrl(website) == true){
  print("URL is strong");
} else {
  print("URL is weak");