Desktop File Picker

desktop_file_picker package lets you initialize a desktop file picker written in dart.

Supported filters

By name By type By drive By size By date By name

Supported Modes

  • Single file
  • Multiple Files
  • Single Folder


  1. Add the latest version of package to your pubspec.yaml (and runflutter pub get):
  desktop_file_picker: ^0.0.2
  1. Import the package and use it in your Flutter App.
import 'package:desktop_file_picker/desktop_file_picker.dart';

Customizing the picker

There are a number of properties that you can modify:

  • Main background
  • Font color
  • Icons
  • Button Color
  • Input Color
  • Input border color
  • Selected item color
  • Main Text Color

class DesktopPickerView extends StatelessWidget {  
  const DesktopPickerView({Key? key}) : super(key: key);  
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {  
    return Scaffold(  
      body: Center(  
        child:  FileSelector(
            isSingleFolder: true,
            callbackCancel: () => Navigator.of(context).pop(),
            callbackConfirm: (data) {

Next Goals

  • [] Add save file dialog option. Now, you can specify the onTap and specify a function.