Design System Generator

This generator allows you to generate a design system for your project. You can use it to generate design tokens based on a JSON configuration.

The configuration can be viewed at Design System JSON Schema.

The generator creates the following elements:

  • Colors
  • Border Widths
  • Border Radii
  • Spatials (spacing)
  • Screensizes (Breakpoints) and a responsive helper function
  • Text Styles (Typography)
  • Icon Sizes


Refer to the example to see how to use the generator.


  • Create a <name>.design-system.json file somewhere in your lib folder. The generators will run for each file with the .design-system.json extension. So you can have multiple design systems in your project.
  • Configure your design system to your wishes (add "$schema": "") to the start to get JSON schema validation
  • Install the build runner with flutter pub add dev:build_runner
  • Install the design system generator with flutter pub add dev:design_system_generator
  • Run dart run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs to generate the design system