License: MIT

A Dart wrapper to use the Degiro APIs in a simple way.

Since it is just a wrapper, consider these APIs unofficial.

NOTE: this package doesn't allow to perform any type of order creation in your account due to Degiro's current restrictions about their API usage.


// Create the DegiroApi instance
final degiro = DegiroApi.fromCredentials('username', 'password');

try {
    // Gets the current instance and know if we are logged
    print(DegiroApi.instance.isLoggedIn ? 'yes' : 'no');

    // Logins with credentials provided and creates the session
    await degiro.login();

    // Gets the account info (login method returns this property)
    final accountInfo = degiro.accountInfo;

    // Gets the account current portfolio positions
    final List<PortfolioPosition> positions = await degiro.portfolioPositions();

    // Show the positions name list
    for (var p in positions) {

    // Logout from the session
    await degiro.logout();
} on DegiroApiError catch (e) {

Available methods


  • DegiroApi.fromCredentials(String username, String password)

    creates the degiro instance based on the username & password. NOTE: 2FA is in roadmap

  • DegiroApi.fromSession(String sessionId)

    creates the degiro instance based on the jsessionid. It can be taken from the browser dev tool accessing network request. Every request to a Degiro API must contain a sessionId to be perfomed.


  • login
  • logout
  • portfolioPositions
  • productInfo
  • productInfos
  • transactions
  • searchProducts
  • cashMovements


Since this package is maintained by one person, help is appreciated so feel free to open issues & pull requests on GitHub repository.

Freezed code generation

Run this command to auto-generate the models if you add new fields to them

dart run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs 


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