deferred_type_flutter for Dart

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Packages for Flutter based on the library deferred_type.


FutureBuilder2, an alternative "FutureBuilder" which is simpler to use than the bundled one provided by default in Flutter.

import "package:deferred_type/deferred_type.dart";

final futureBuilder = FutureBuilder2<String>(
  future: someFuture,
  builder: (context, state) => state.maybeWhen<Widget>(
    inProgress: () => const CircularProgressIndicator(),
    success: (data) => SomeWidget(data),
    error: (error, _stacktrace) => SomeErrorWidget(error),
    // handle fallback cases, must be provided
    // if all states are not handled.
    orElse: () => const FallbackWidget(),

API Reference

Detailed API documentation can be found on

Possible to-do

  • Come up with a better name for the FutureBuilder.


This project is MIT licensed.