Date-Sorting-Algorithm for Flutter

The Date-Sorting-Algorithm for Flutter is a sorting algorithm for a list of dates in every format. It can be easily intregrated in all Flutter apps.


Currently this package provides two functions. You can sort your list of dates with our sorting algorithm and you can convert a list of dates in a specific date format to a common date format.

Getting started

Just add this package to your pubspec.yaml, read the usage and you are good to go


Sort every list with dates in ascending order, simply create an instance of SortList and add the sortByDate() Function to it.

import 'package:date_sorting_algorithm/date_sorting_algorithm.dart';

void main() {
    List<String> dateList = ['27.05.2022', '12.06.2002', '23.01.2017', '02.04.2008'];
    String inputDateFormat = 'dd.MM.yyyy';

    SortList sortList = SortList().sortByDate(dateList, inputDateFormat);


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