Date Generator

Generate dates based on the position within a month

Generating Dates

You start off with the ordinal which is the week within the month


This will look for the first week, there are methods for first, second, third, fourth, and last. last being a method that returns either the 4th or 5th week depending on how the month is.

You can also select the first by number input


To select the last week us the number 5

Next you select the week day within that week.


Just like the week number you can select the week day by using the weekDay(int) method. The week days are numbered from 1-7.

Next you can select the month


The months are numbered 1-12.

And finally you can select the year


This will return a DateTime object given these constraints (in this case the first saturday of may 2019.

Holiday Groups

HolidayGroup is just an interface to categorize holidays together. It also has convenience methods to get methods by strings (getHolidayGenerator) and get the list of holidays supported by the group extending the class (holidayNames). Users can also add to the grouping if they would like by adding holidays through the addHolidays(<String, HolidayFunction>{}) method.

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