decodeJson method

  1. @override
Future decodeJson({
  1. Object? reviver(
    1. Object? key,
    2. Object? value

Reads and decodes content body as a JSON object, returned in a future.

The result is an object tree as parsed by the standard json.decode() of the dart:convert package.

An optional reviver function is applied when decoding json string data. See JsonCodec of the dart:convert package for more information.

Throws ClientException if content body cannot be decoded as JSON.


Future<dynamic> decodeJson({
  Object? Function(Object? key, Object? value)? reviver,
}) async {
  try {
    final res = response;
    if (res is http.StreamedResponse) {
      return json.decode(await, reviver: reviver);
    } else {
      return json.decode((res as http.Response).body, reviver: reviver);
  } on Exception catch (e) {
    throw ClientException.decodingJsonFailed(e);