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  • Full Screen Paginated Data Tables for Tablets/Desktops
  • Mobile ListView with Action Buttons for Sorting and Selecting All
  • Supports Dark Mode
  • From Json

Online Demo:

Getting Started

  • You can optionally build the listview for mobile with a builder, by default it creates a ExpansionTile with the remaining columns as children

  • The tablet breakpoint can also be set.

    bool showMobileListView; - When set to false it will always show a data table

    int sortColumnIndex; - Current Sorted Column

    bool sortAscending; - Sort Order

    ValueChanged<bool> onSelectAll; - Called for Selecting and Deselecting All

    ValueChanged<int> onRowsPerPageChanged; - Called when rows change on data table or last row reached on mobile.

    int rowsPerPage; - Default Rows per page

    Widget header; - Widget header for Desktop and Tablet Data Table

    List<DataColumn> columns; - List of Columns (Must match length of DataCells in DataSource)

    IndexedWidgetBuilder mobileItemBuilder; - Optional Item builder for the list view for Mobile

    Size tabletBreakpoint; - Tablet breakpoint for the screen width and height

    List<Widget> actions, selectedActions; - Actions that show when items are selected or not

    RefreshCallback onRefresh; - If not null the list view will be wrapped in a RefreshIndicator