⚠️ Development of Dashchat v2 will soon start ⚠️

You are all invited to discuss about the design specs in #127, the v1 can still be used but do not expect additional development in it. You can still open issues for the v1 to indicate things we need to implement/fix in the v2

💬 Dash Chat

The most complete Chat UI for flutter

Inspired by react-native-gifted-chat. Highly customizable and helps developing chat UI faster.

Usage 💻

To use this package, add dash_chat as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Features 🔮

  • Fully customizable components
  • Copy messages to clipboard
  • Multi-line TextInput
  • Touchable links using flutter_parsed_text
  • Avatar as user's initials
  • Quick Reply messages
  • Load earlier messages
  • Scroll to bottom Widget
  • Composer actions (to attach photos, etc.) - WIP

Message object 📦

example, Chat Message

        text: "Hello",
        user: ChatUser(
          name: "Fayeed",
          uid: "123456789",
          avatar: "https://www.wrappixel.com/ampleadmin/assets/images/users/4.jpg",
        createdAt: DateTime.now(),
        image: "http://www.sclance.com/images/picture/Picture_753248.jpg",

example, Chat Message with Quick Replies

        text: "This is a quick reply example.",
        user: ChatUser(),
        createdAt: DateTime.now(),
        quickReplies: QuickReplies(
          values: <Reply>[
              title: "😋 Yes",
              value: "Yes",
              title: "😞 Nope. What?",
              value: "no",

Parameters ⚙️

  • messageContainerFlex (int) - Flex value for the messeage container defaults to 1
  • height (double) - Height for the Dash chat Widget.
  • width (double) - Width for the Dash chat Widget.
  • messages (List) - List of messages to display in the chat.
  • text (String) - optional parameter If provided will stop using the default controller.
  • onTextChange (Function(String)) - If the text parameter is passed then onTextChange must also be passed.
  • inputDecoration (InputDecoration) - Used to provide input decoration to the text.
  • messageIdGenerator (String Function) - Usually new message added by the user gets UUID v4 String generater by uuid.
  • user (ChatUser) - The current user object.
    user: ChatUser(
      name: "Jhon Doe",
      uid: "xxxxxxxxx",
      avatar: "https://www.wrappixel.com/ampleadmin/assets/images/users/4.jpg",
  • onSend (Function(ChatMessage)) - Callback when sending a message.

  • alwaysShowSend (bool) - Should the send button be always active defaults to false.

  • avatarMaxSize (double) - Sets the default Avatar's max size, default is 30.0.

  • dateFormat (DateFormat) - Format to use for rendering date default is yyyy-MM-dd.

  • timeFormat (DateFormat) - Format to use for rendering time default is HH:mm:ss.

  • showUserAvatar (bool) - Should the user avatar be shown.

  • showAvatarForEveryMessage (bool) - Should the avatar be shown for every message defaults to false.

  • onPressAvatar (Function(ChatUser)) - Callback funtion when avatar is tapped on.

  • onLongPressAvatar (Function(ChatUser)) - Callback funtion when avatar is long pressed on.

  • onLongPressMessage (Function(ChatUser)) - Callback funtion when message is long pressed on.

  • inverted (bool) - Should the messages be shown in reversed order

  • avatarBuilder (Widget Function(ChatUser)) - Will override the the default avatar.

  • messageBuilder (Widget Function(ChatMessage)) - Will override the the default message widget.

  • messageTextBuilder (Widget Function(String)) - Will override the the default message text widget.

  • messageImageBuilder (Widget Function(String)) - Will override the the default message imaeg widget

  • messageTimeBuilder (Widget Function(String)) - Will override the the default message time widget.

  • dateBuilder (Widget Function(String)) - Will override the the default chat view date widget.

  • sendButtonBuilder (Widget Function(Function)) - Will override the the default send button widget.

  • chatFooterBuilder (Widget Function) - A Widget that will be shown below the MessageListView like you can a "tying..." Text Widget at the end.

  • inputFooterBuilder (Widget Function) - A Widget that will be shown below the ChatInputToolbar.

  • maxInputLength (int) - Main input length of the input text box defaulst to no limit.

  • parsePatterns (List) - Used to parse text to make a linkified text uses flutter_parsed_text.

      parsePatterns: <MatchText>[
          type: "email",
          onTap: (String value) {}
          pattern: r"\B#+([\w]+)\b",
          style: TextStyle(
            color: Colors.pink,
            fontSize: 24,
          onTap: (String value) {}
  • messageContainerDecoration (BoxDecoration) - Provides a custom style to the message container.

  • leading (List<Widget>) - List of Widget to show before the TextField.

  • trailing (List<Widget>) - List of Widget to show after the TextField will remove the send button.

  • readOnly (bool) - Hides the input bar, defaults to false.

  • showTraillingBeforeSend - Should the trailling widgets be shown before the send button defaults to true.

  • inputTextStyle (TextStyle) - Style for the TextField.

  • inputContainerStyle (BoxDecoration) - TextField container style.

  • inputMaxLines (int) - Max length of the input lines default to 1.

  • showInputCursor (bool) - Should the input cursor be shown defaults to true.

  • inputCursorWidth (double) - Width of the text input defaults to 2.0.

  • inputCursorColor (Color) - Color of the input cursor defaults to theme.

  • scrollController (ScrollController) - ScrollController for the MessageListView.

  • messageContainerPadding (EdgeInsetsGeometry) - Padding for the MessageListView.

  • messagePadding (EdgeInsets) - Padding for the MessageContainer.

  • onQuickReply (Funtion(Reply)) - Callback method when the quickReply was tapped on.

  • quickReplyStyle (BoxDecoration) - Container style for the QuickReply Container.

  • quickReplyTextStyle (TextStyle) - QuickReply text style.

  • quickReplyBuilder (Widget Function(Reply)) - Will override the the default QuickReply Widget.

  • scrollToBottom (bool) - Should the scroll to bottom widget be shown defaults to true.

  • scrollToBottomStyle (ScrollToBottomStyle) - sets the style & position for the scrollToBottom widget.

  • scrollToBottomWidget (Widget Function()) - Overrides the default scrollToBottomWidget with a custom widget.

  • onScrollToBottomPress (Function) - override the default behaviour of the onScrollToBottom Widget.

  • shouldShowLoadEarlier (bool) - Should the LoadEarlier Floating widget be shown or use load as you scroll scheme whcih will call the onLoadEarlier defaults to false which is this scheme.

  • showLoadEarlierWidget (Widget Function()) - Override the default behaviour of the onScrollToBottom Widget.

  • onLoadEarlier (Function) - Override the default behaviour of the onLoadEarleir Widget or used as a callback when the listView reaches the top.

  • inputToolbarPadding (EdgeInsets) - Can be used to add padding to the input toolbar.

  • inputToolbarMargin (EdgeInsets) - Can be used to add margin to the input toolbar.

  • shouldStartMessagesFromTop (bool) - Can be used to align messages so that it starts from top to bottom instead of the default bottom to top.

  • textBeforeImage (bool) - Can be used to set the order of the text and the image inside a message defaults to true.

  • quickReplyScroll (bool) - Should the quick reply options be horizontally scrollable

  • quickReplyPadding (EdgeInsetsGeometry) - Padding for QuickReply

  • inputDisabled (bool) - Should the input TextField be disabled, defaults to false

  • messageDecorationBuilder (BoxDecoration Function(ChatMessage, isUser) - Override the message container decoration. Note: This will override the messageContainerDecoration

      messageDecorationBuilder: (ChatMessage msg, bool isUser){
        return BoxDecoration(
          color: isUser ? Colors.red : Colors.blue, // example

Credits 👨🏻‍💻

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License ⚖️

API details 📝

See the dash_chat.dart for more API details

Issues and feedback 💭

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