dartx library

Superpowers for Dart. Collection of useful static extension methods.


A range of characters of a Characters.
The characters of a string.
ComparableRange<T extends Comparable<T>>
Represents a range of Comparable values such as String or DateTime
A iterable range between two ints which is iterable with a specific step size
Pair<A, B>
Represents a generic pair of two values.
Range<T extends Comparable>
Represents a range of values (for example, numbers or characters) with a fixed start value and a fixed endInclusive value.


ComparableBetweenExtension on T
ComparableBiggerEqualsExtension on T
ComparableBiggerExtension on T
ComparableCoerceAtLeastExtension on T
ComparableCoerceAtMostExtension on T
ComparableCoerceInExtension on T
ComparableInRangeExtension on T
ComparableRangeX on T
ComparableSmallerEqualsExtension on T
ComparableSmallerExtension on T
Provides comparison operators for Comparable types.
CompararatorComposeExtensions on Comparator<T>
CompararatorReverseExtensions on Comparator<T>
DateTimeTimeExtension on DateTime
DoubleRangeToExtension on double
Special variant for double which implements Comparable<num> and therefore doesn't work for the Comparable<T>.rangeTo(T) extension
DoubleToBytesExtension on T
DurationTimeExtension on Duration
Function1InvokeExtensions on Function1<A, R>
Function1PartialExtensions on Function1<A, R>
Function2CurryExtension on Function2<A, B, R>
Function2FlipExtension on Function2<A, B, R>
Function2InvokeExtension on Function2<A, B, R>
Function2Partial2Extension on Function2<A, B, R>
Function2PartialExtension on Function2<A, B, R>
Function2UncurryExtension on Function1<A, Function1<B, R>>
Function3CurryExtension on Function3<A, B, C, R>
Function3InvokeExtension on Function3<A, B, C, R>
Function3Partial2Extension on Function3<A, B, C, R>
Function3Partial3Extension on Function3<A, B, C, R>
Function3PartialExtension on Function3<A, B, C, R>
Function3UncurryExtension on Function1<A, Function1<B, Function1<C, R>>>
Function4CurryExtension on Function4<A, B, C, D, R>
Function4InvokeExtension on Function4<A, B, C, D, R>
Function4Partial2Extension on Function4<A, B, C, D, R>
Function4Partial3Extension on Function4<A, B, C, D, R>
Function4Partial4Extension on Function4<A, B, C, D, R>
Function4PartialExtension on Function4<A, B, C, D, R>
Function4UncurryExtension on Function1<A, Function1<B, Function1<C, Function1<D, R>>>>
InterableMin on Iterable<E>
IntRangeToExtension on int
The equivalent for double is DoubleRangeExtension
IntToBytesExtension on T
IntToCharExtension on T
IterableAll on Iterable<E>
IterableAppend on Iterable<E>
IterableAppendElement on Iterable<E>
IterableAssociate on Iterable<E>
IterableAssociateBy on Iterable<E>
IterableAssociateWith on Iterable<E>
IterableAsStream on Iterable<E>
IterableAverageBy on Iterable<E>
IterableCached on Iterable<E>
IterableChunked on Iterable<E>
IterableChunkWhile on Iterable<E>
IterableContainsAll on Iterable<E>
IterableContainsAny on Iterable<E>
IterableContentEquals on Iterable<E>
IterableCount on Iterable<E>
IterableCycle on Iterable<E>
IterableDistinct on Iterable<E>
IterableDistinctBy on Iterable<E>
IterableElementAtOrDefault on Iterable<E>
IterableElementAtOrElse on Iterable<E>
IterableElementAtOrNull on Iterable<E>
IterableExcept on Iterable<E>
IterableExceptElement on Iterable<E>
IterableFilter on Iterable<E>
IterableFilterIndexed on Iterable<E>
IterableFilterIndexedTo on Iterable<E>
IterableFilterNot on Iterable<E>
IterableFilterNotIndexed on Iterable<E>
IterableFilterNotNull on Iterable<E?>
IterableFilterNotTo on Iterable<E>
IterableFilterNotToIndexed on Iterable<E>
IterableFilterTo on Iterable<E>
IterableFirstOrDefault on Iterable<E>
IterableFirstOrNull on Iterable<E>
IterableFirstOrNullWhere on Iterable<E>
IterableFirstWhile on Iterable<E>
IterableFlatMap on Iterable<E>
IterableForEachIndexed on Iterable<E>
IterableFourthItem on Iterable<E>
IterableFutureX on Iterable<Future<E>>
IterableGroupBy on Iterable<E>
IterableIntersect on Iterable<E>
IterableIterableX on Iterable<Iterable<E>>
IterableJoinToString on Iterable<E>
IterableLastOrElse on Iterable<E>
IterableLastOrNull on Iterable<E>
IterableLastOrNullWhere on Iterable<E>
IterableLastWhile on Iterable<E>
IterableMapIndexed on Iterable<E>
IterableMapIndexedNotNull on Iterable<E>
IterableMapNotNull on Iterable<E>
IterableMax on Iterable<E>
IterableMaxBy on Iterable<E>
IterableMaxWith on Iterable<E>
IterableMinBy on Iterable<E>
IterableMinus on Iterable<E>
IterableMinWith on Iterable<E>
IterableNone on Iterable<E>
IterableNumAverageExtension on Iterable<T>
IterableNumMedianExtension on Iterable<T>
IterableNumSumExtension on Iterable<T>
Extensions for iterables
IterableOnEach on Iterable<E>
IterablePartition on Iterable<E>
IterablePlus on Iterable<E>
IterablePrepend on Iterable<E>
IterablePrependElement on Iterable<E>
IterableReversed on Iterable<E>
IterableSecondItem on Iterable<E>
IterableShuffled on Iterable<E>
IterableSlice on Iterable<E>
IterableSorted on Iterable<E>
IterableSortedBy on Iterable<E>
IterableSortedByDescending on Iterable<E>
IterableSortedDescending on Iterable<E>
IterableSortedWith on Iterable<E>
IterableSplitWhen on Iterable<E>
IterableStartsWithExtension on Iterable<E>
IterableSumBy on Iterable<E>
IterableTakeFirst on Iterable<E>
IterableTakeLast on Iterable<E>
IterableThirdItem on Iterable<E>
IterableToHashSet on Iterable<E>
IterableToIterable on Iterable<E>
IterableToUnmodifiable on Iterable<E>
IterableUnion on Iterable<E>
IterableWhereIndexed on Iterable<E>
IterableWhereIndexedTo on Iterable<E>
IterableWhereNot on Iterable<E>
IterableWhereNotIndexed on Iterable<E>
IterableWhereNotNull on Iterable<E?>
IterableWhereNotTo on Iterable<E>
IterableWhereNotToIndexed on Iterable<E>
IterableWhereTo on Iterable<E>
IterableWindowed on Iterable<E>
IterableZip on Iterable<E>
ListBinarySearchExtension on List<E>
ListDropExtension on List<E>
ListDropLastExtension on List<E>
ListDropLastWhileExtension on List<E>
ListDropWhileExtension on List<E>
ListElementAtOrNull on List<E>
ListExtension on List<E>
ListFlattenExtension on List<List<E>>
ListIndicesExtension on List<E>
ListInsertionSortExtension on List<E>
ListLastIndexExtension on List<E>
ListLowerBoundExtension on List<E>
ListMergeSortExtension on List<E>
ListSwapExtension on List<E>
MapAll on Map<K, V>
MapAny on Map<K, V>
MapCount on Map<K, V>
MapEntries on Map<K, V>
MapFilter on Map<K, V>
MapFilterKeys on Map<K, V>
MapFilterNot on Map<K, V>
MapFilterValues on Map<K, V>
MapGetOrElse on Map<K, V>
MapMapKeys on Map<K, V>
MapMapValues on Map<K, V>
MapMaxBy on Map<K, V>
MapMaxWith on Map<K, V>
MapMinBy on Map<K, V>
MapMinWith on Map<K, V>
MapNone on Map<K, V>
MapOrEmpty on Map<K, V>?
MapToList on Map<K, V>
MapToMap on Map<K, V>
NullableStringIsNotNullOrBlankExtension on String?
NullableStringIsNotNullOrEmptyExtension on String?
NullableStringIsNullOrBlankExtension on String?
NullableStringIsNullOrEmptyExtension on String?
NullableStringOrEmptyExtension on String?
NumArithmeticX on T
NumBetweenExtension on T
NumCoerceAtLeastExtension on T
NumCoerceAtMostExtension on T
NumCoerceInExtension on T
NumCoerceInRangeExtension on T
NumTimeExtension on T
Ordinals on T
PairDeconstruction on Pair<T, T>
StringBufferWriteSpaceExtension on StringBuffer
StringCapitalizeExtension on String
StringCharacters on String
StringDecapitalizeExtension on String
StringIsAsciiExtension on String
StringIsBlankExtension on String
StringIsCapitalizedExtension on String
StringIsDecapitalizedExtension on String
StringIsDoubleExtension on String
StringIsIntExtension on String
StringIsLatin1Extension on String
StringIsLowerCaseExtension on String
StringIsNotBlankExtension on String
StringIsUpperCaseExtension on String
StringMatchesExtension on String
StringMd5Extension on String
StringRemovePrefixExtension on String
StringRemoveSuffixExtension on String
StringRemoveSurroundingExtension on String
StringReversedExtension on String
StringSliceExtension on String
StringToDoubleExtension on String
StringToDoubleOrNullExtension on String
StringToIntExtension on String
StringToIntOrNullExtension on String
StringToUtf16Extension on String
StringToUtf8Extension on String
StringUrlCodingExtension on String


buildString(void builderAction(StringBuffer sb)) String
Builds new string by populating newly created StringBuffer using provided builderAction and then converting it to String.


Function0<R> = R Function()
Function1<A, R> = R Function(A a)
Function2<A, B, R> = R Function(A a, B b)
Function3<A, B, C, R> = R Function(A a, B b, C c)
Function4<A, B, C, D, R> = R Function(A a, B b, C c, D d)