A dart wrapper for libusbhid, to interface with human input devices. It runs in its own isolate. Supports

  • Enumerating USB HID devices
    • Supports vendorId, productId, serialNumber, releaseNumber, manufacturerString, productString, usagePage, usage, interfaceNumber
  • Reading and writing device reports with or without report ID


  • Read and write feature reports


flutter pub add dartusbhid


import 'package:dartusbhid/enumerate.dart';

void printDeviceList() async {
  // Enumerate all devices
  // Passing 0 for vendor and product Id will enumerate all devices.
  final devices = await enumerateDevices(0, 0);
  for (final device in devices) {
    // Print device information like product name, vendor, etc.

  // Open the first device
  final openDevice = await devices[0].open();

  // Read data without timeout (timeout: null)
  print("Waiting for first hid report");
  final receivedData = await openDevice.readReport(null);
  print("Report ID is: ${receivedData[0]}");

  // Send 64 bytes of data to the device
  var uint8list = Uint8List.fromList(List.generate(64, (index) => 0));
  uint8list[0] = 2; // Set the Report ID
  await openDevice.writeReport(uint8list);

  // Close the device
  await openDevice.close();



To try out the example

git clone https://github.com/TobiasJacob/dartusbhid.git
cd dartusbhid/example
flutter run

from there on you can start to develop the library. Publish the library by increasing the version, adjusting the changelog and using

cd dartusbhid
flutter analyze
flutter pub publish