dartlex library Null safety

Dartle auxiliary library that is used to compile a 'dartle.dart' script into a binary executable automatically when it changes.

This library is used to implement the installable 'dartle' command.


createDartExe(File dartFile, [File? destination, DartleCache? dartleCache]) Future<File>
Compiles the given dartFile to an executable.
dartlexMain(List<String> args) Future<void>
Run dartle using an executable compiled from the project's dartle.dart file. See runDartlex for more options running dartlex.
getExeLocation(File dartFile, [DartleCache? dartleCache]) File
Get the location Dartle would store binaries created with the createDartExe method.
runDartExe(File dartExec, {List<String> args = const [], String? workingDirectory, Map<String, String>? environment}) Future<Process>
Run a Dart binary created via the createDartExe method.
runDartlex(List<String> args, {bool doNotExit = false}) Future<void>
Run the binary version of 'dartle.dart', (re)compiling it if necessary.