Utils package for Dart.

A dart package containing a collection of useful util and extension classes.


The null-safety version of this package is much more advanced and has lots of new featues.

Take a look at pub.dev or Github

Features in the null-safety pre release

  • Null safe boolean checks for true, false, not true and not false
  • Random string generation
  • String similarity functions: Hamming distance and Levenshtein distance
  • String abbreviation function
  • Convenience functions which can be used e.g in iterable.reduce
  • For each function on list with the current item and index
Utils in the null-safety pre release
  • StringUtils
  • MathUtils
Extensions in the null-safety pre release
  • BooleanExtensions
  • ListExtensions
  • NumberExtensions
  • StringExtensions
  • NullableStringExtensions

Getting Started

Add the package to your pubspec.yaml:

 dartlang_utils: ^0.0.4

In your dart file, import the library:

import 'package:dartlang_utils/dartlang_utils.dart';

If you want to use a specific util only you can use the show keyword:

import 'package:dartlang_utils/dartlang_utils.dart' show StringUtils;

Currently this package contains the following Utils:

  • StringUtils

More will follow soon, if you miss any function you can open an issue or a PR


Currently the following operations are supported:

bool isEmpty(String str)

bool isBlank(String str)

String trim(String str)

String defaultString(String str, String defaultStr)

String defaultIfEmpty(String str, String defaultStr)

String defaultIfBlank(String str, String defaultStr)

bool startsWith(String str, Pattern prefix, [int index = 0])

bool startsWithAny(String str,List<Pattern> prefixes, [int index = 0])

bool contains(String str, Pattern searchPattern,[int startIndex = 0])

bool containsAny(String str,List<Pattern> searchPatterns, [int startIndex = 0])

String abbreviate(String str, int maxWidth, {int offset = 0})

int compare(String str1, String str2)

int hammingDistance(String str1, String str2)