Dartivemon is a CLI tool that runs a Dart application and a Flutter application simultaneously. It also watches for changes in your Dart application and automatically restarts it whenever changes are detected.


  • Hot Reload: Automatically restarts your Dart app whenever changes are detected.
  • Flutter Run: Runs a Flutter app on a specified device.


To install Dartivemon, use the dart pub global activate command:

dart pub global activate dartivemon

pub package


Run Dartivemon from the command line by specifying a .dart file, fe for running a Flutter application, or be followed by a .dart file to watch and run the file:

To update Dartivemon, use the same command again.

Run Dartivemon with one of the following commands:

dartivemon fe: Runs Flutter app.
dartivemon be <filename>: Watches and runs Dart backend file.
dartivemon <filename>: Watches and runs Dart file.

You can also display the help message with -help command: dartivemon -help

How it Works

  • watchAndRunDartFile: Starts your Dart app and watches for any changes. If changes are detected, it automatically restarts your app.

  • runFlutterApp: Asks for your device ID and starts your Flutter app on the specified device.

  • displayHelpMessage: Displays a help message with usage instructions.


  • The Flutter app is started using the device ID entered by the user. Make sure to enter the correct device ID.
  • If the Dart app file is modified, the Dart server/app will be restarted automatically.
  • If you enter 'r' or 'R' into the console, it will be sent to the Flutter process.

This updated documentation reflects the added CLI functionality and new ways of using Dartivemon.