connect method

  1. @override
void connect(
  1. {required PusherChannelsConnectionOnDoneCallback onDoneCallback,
  2. required PusherChannelsConnectionOnErrorCallback onErrorCallback,
  3. required PusherChannelsConnectionOnEventCallback onEventCallback}

Tries to establish connection.

  • onDoneCallback must be called when connection is closed.
  • onErrorCallback must be called when a connection error is thrown.
  • onEventCallback must be called when an event is received.


void connect({
  required PusherChannelsConnectionOnDoneCallback onDoneCallback,
  required PusherChannelsConnectionOnErrorCallback onErrorCallback,
  required PusherChannelsConnectionOnEventCallback onEventCallback,
}) {
  if (_isClosed) {
    throw const PusherChannelsWebSocketConnectionWasClosedException();
  _webSocketChannel ??= WebSocketChannel.connect(uri);
  _webSocketEventsSubscription ??= _webSocketChannel?.stream.listen(
    (event) => _onEvent(event.toString(), onEventCallback),
    cancelOnError: true,
    onDone: () => _onDone(onDoneCallback),
    onError: (exception, trace) => _onError(
      exception: exception,
      trace: trace,
      callback: onErrorCallback,