PusherChannelsOptions.fromCluster constructor

const PusherChannelsOptions.fromCluster(
  1. {required String scheme,
  2. required String cluster,
  3. required String key,
  4. bool shouldSupplyMetadataQueries,
  5. String host,
  6. int? port,
  7. PusherChannelsOptionsMetadata metadata}

Use this if your url has a pattern like: {scheme}://ws-{cluster_name}.{host}:{port}/app/{key}.

The scheme is usually ws or wss.

The key is your Pusher Channels app key.

The host defaults to kDefaultPusherChannelsHost.

The metadata defaults to an instance created with PusherChannelsOptionsMetadata.byDefault


const factory PusherChannelsOptions.fromCluster({
  required String scheme,
  required String cluster,
  required String key,
  bool shouldSupplyMetadataQueries,
  String host,
  int? port,
  PusherChannelsOptionsMetadata metadata,
}) = _ClusteredOptions;