Multi-platform network ping utility for Dart applications.

Created from templates made available by Stagehand under a BSD-style license.


A simple usage example:

import 'package:dart_ping/dart_ping.dart';

void main() async {
  // Create ping object with desired args
  final ping = Ping('', count: 5);

  // Begin ping process and listen for output {

Instead of listening to a stream, you can perform a single ping and immediately return the result like so:

final result = await Ping('', count: 1).stream.first;

To use dart_ping on iOS, add the dart_ping_ios package as a dependency and register the iOS plugin before initializing Ping. For more detailed docs, see the dart_ping_ios package. Note that the iOS plugin requires the flutter sdk. (this is why it is not integrated into dart_ping directly)

// Register DartPingIOS
// Create ping object with desired args
final ping = Ping('', count: 5);

To print the underlying ping command that will be used (useful for debugging):

print('Running command: ${ping.command}')

To prematurely halt the process:

await ping.stop()

Non-English Language Support

To support OS languages other than English, you can override the parser (Portuguese shown here):

final parser = PingParser(
    responseRgx: RegExp(r'de (?<ip>.*): bytes=(?:\d+) tempo=(?<time>\d+)ms TTL=(?<ttl>\d+)'),
    summaryRgx: RegExp(r'Enviados = (?<tx>\d+), Recebidos = (?<rx>\d+), Perdidos = (?:\d+)'),
    timeoutRgx: RegExp(r'host unreachable'),
    timeToLiveRgx: RegExp(r''),
    unknownHostStr: RegExp(r'A solicitação ping não pôde encontrar o host'),

final ping = Ping('', parser: parser);

On Windows installations, you can force the codepage (437) of the console instead of providing a custom parser:

final ping = Ping('', forceCodepage: true);

To override the character encoding to ignore non-utf characters:

final ping = Ping('', encoding: Utf8Codec(allowMalformed: true));

macOS Release Build with App Sandbox

When building in release mode with app sandbox enabled, you must ensure you add the following entitlements to the Release.entitlements file in your macos folder:


Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.