magnitude function

int magnitude (double value)

Returns the magnitude of the number.


int magnitude(double value) {
  // Can't do this with zero because the 10-log of zero doesn't exist.
  if (value.compareTo(0.0) == 0) {
    return 0;

  // Note that we need the absolute value of the input because Log10 doesn't
  // work for negative numbers (obviously).
  double m = log10(value.abs());
  var truncated = m.truncate();

  // To get the right number we need to know if the value is negative or positive
  // truncating a positive number will always give use the correct magnitude
  // truncating a negative number will give us a magnitude that is off by 1 (unless integer)
  return m < 0 && truncated != m ? truncated - 1 : truncated;